Health Minister Ensures Hospitals Ready to Handle Dengue Patients

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Jumat, 29 Maret 2024 – 21:00 WIB

Jakarta – The number of dengue fever cases in Indonesia has increased, with over 35,000 patients so far. Meanwhile, 390 people have died due to dengue fever.

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Regarding the dengue fever cases, Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin revealed that the public should not panic as the government has prepared hospitals to handle dengue fever patients.
“Please, don’t panic. Jakarta hospitals still have enough space because, as we’ve experienced with Covid-19, there are plenty of facilities, so don’t worry,” Minister Sadikin said on Thursday.
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Menteri Kesehatan RI, Budi Gunadi Sadikin

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VIVA/Andrew Tito (Jakarta)

Furthermore, Minister Sadikin stated that dengue fever is indeed a contagious disease, ranking fourth after malaria.
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“I want to convey that dengue fever, a contagious disease, ranks fourth. Tuberculosis has 1 million cases, HIV 500 thousand, malaria 400 thousand, and dengue fever 120 thousand annually. So, don’t be panic,” the minister remarked.On the other hand, the Health Minister also revealed that dengue fever can be prevented, emphasizing several steps.Starting from eliminating stagnant water and providing larvicides to kill mosquito larvae.”Firstly, ensure there are no puddles in garbage areas. Secondly, we have prepared larvicides to kill mosquito larvae, and we are ready with insecticides for fogging,” he continued.The Minister also urged everyone, including parents, to monitor the condition of dengue fever patients.If the patient experiences high fever, they should be immediately taken to healthcare facilities for further treatment.Earlier reported, the Head of the Ministry of Health’s Public Communication and Service Bureau, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, revealed that there were 390 death cases and 35,467 morbidity cases due to dengue fever.Based on the distribution of dengue fever cases, Jakarta has the highest number of cases.There are a total of 1,833 dengue fever cases. Of these cases, West Jakarta recorded 704 cases, South Jakarta 572 cases, and East Jakarta 557 cases.

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Starting from eliminating stagnant water and providing larvicides to kill mosquito larvae.